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I am dedicating this page to sharing my fetish desires and journeys. Over the years as an escort, I've enjoyed the thrills of exhibitionism, being nude in front of a camera, outdoors and of course for an audience online. Using sex as a medium, I find myself feeling a sense of fulfillment that I’m the artist I always wanted to be. My hope is inspire those who visit me and my website.

I want to know what inspires you. What are your turn-ons? Do you have a kinky side? 

Let's explore!

Please feel free to email me at racheltoyboxxx@yahoo.com




Also, I'll use this space to showcace a few street fair pics. Ahh... a light flogging in the splendid day lit alley.

Damn, I selected the wrong panties for that day, quite see through and me so wet, teased and exited. Wow, sticky girly cum in my panties all day, what torture. 


         Folsom Street Fair  mmmm... Firemen

Rachel Toyboxxx

Fun Specialist, San Francisco Bay Area Escort 

     About Me / Rates          Contact me            Outdoor Photos              Fetish desires         Photo archive