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I love travel, sunshine, and the outdoors.

Being nude and having fun in beautiful places is an inspiring concept to me.

I hope you enjoy my collection of nude pictures of me in cool places.

I’d love your ideas or suggestions. Please email me at: racheltoyboxxx@yahoo.com

This spot is secret.

my favorite part of Maui .. Big beach Little beach.. funnest nude beach ever.

ah.. There are no pics of the naked bodysurfing. That was the funnest. And yes, I got sandy snatch.

Aloha from Hawaii

.......Or, a warm naked day on Oahu. ....Recognize Waikiki in the background? After a hot day hiking all those steps at Diamondhead, I found a cool spot to rest for awhile.

Snow in spring

"oooh, cold titties"


Yes, I am topless in the snow. It's Yosemite. Ah, a sunny day with snow on the ground. That snow melting made some very beautiful waterfalls.

Goodtimes, TX (a make-believe town, I'm the honorary mayor.)


a toolshed?

This photo illustrates the strange affection I have for rural Texas.

Give me a warm naked day at the farm please!

Vrooooom, Vrooooooom.

Baby, you can drive my car.

Got pulled over in the Mustang. I put my clothes on real fast and didn't get a ticket.. haha

Sutro Baths. San Francisco's ruins by the sea. I'm just underneath The Cliff House.

Here I am spread-eagled at The Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

Summertime fun adventures in the sun and snow. Bikini at the lake. Cold snow in the hot high peaks. Who needs clothes!

About Me / Rates Contact me Outdoor Photos Fetish desires Photo archive

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